TMJ Pain Relief Solution

How Much Does It Cost?

Our TMJ pain relief solution is typically covered by your health insurance.  We participate with most insurance plans and accept personal injury protection auto insurance and attorney letters of protection.  The cost of each session varies from $5 to $55 depending on your insurance plan. If you are uninsured, we have affordable payment plans for as low as $20 per week.


How Long Before Benefits Are Realized?

Significant decrease in TMJ pain may be noticeable in as little as 1-3 treatment sessions, especially if your pain started in the last few weeks.  More chronic and severe conditions may take 6-12 visits for total TMJ pain relief and normal jaw movement.



What Should I Be Wary Of?

Clinics that have you return for several

   visits without seeing improvement.


Clinicians that only treat with exercise.

   Skilled, hands on treatment will produce

   quick and astonishing results.


Outdated technology that produces only

   short term pain relief. Read about the

   Infrared Cold Laser for TMJ pain relief.



Why Act Now?

Don’t put it off any longer. TMJ pain can lead to headaches, migraine pain, neck pain or shoulder pain. The longer you wait the more serious your problem may become.  Don’t continue to live with face and jaw pain. Don’t let your problem get to the point of no return.  Call and schedule an appointment today.


About Our TMJ Pain Relief Solution...

TMJ is a common term used to describe pain in your chewing muscles and inflammation in your jaw joint. This disorder and resultant dysfunction will result in significant pain. In addition, you will generally experience clicking, popping or grating.


Common Symptoms of TMJ

Biting or chewing discomfort

Clicking, popping or grating sound

   when opening the mouth

Dull, aching pain in the face

Headaches or Migraine Pain

   (particularly in the morning)

Earaches, Hearing loss or ringing

   in the ears

Jaw pain or tenderness of the jaw

Reduced ability to open or close

   the mouth

Neck pain and shoulder pain




While working closely with you and your dentist or physician, we can help you help yourself. If you are ready to take an active approach in your own recovery, this is the program for you. Get your jaw and neck moving safely and do more with less pain. Even if you have not had success with other treatments for TMJ pain, this program is for you. We address the root cause rather than merely treat the symptoms. This results in longer-lasting relief and is highly effective in preventing recurrent neck pain and problems. Our advanced techniques will promote a fast recovery and may help conditions where all previous therapies have failed.



Benefits Of Our TMJ Pain Relief Solution...

Immediate relief from jaw and face pain.

Expert, hands on treatment for muscles and joints causing TMJ pain.

Individualized exercise programs specifically for your condition.

Faster recovery period.

Learn how to avoid future face and jaw pain.

Increased jaw flexibility and movement.

Extensive self-care education.

Revolutionary Infrared Cold Laser Technology for migraine pain.

Common Causes of TMJ

Repetitive, clenching or grinding of teeth

Trauma including sports injuries,

   whiplash from a car accident or

   accidental injuries causing your chin to

   move in an upward/backward direction

Mal-alignment of the teeth surfaces

Habits including excessive gum chewing,

   ice chewing, nail biting or eating very

   hard foods

Exaggerated opening of mouth when

   eating or yawning


Lack of overbite

Clenching from stress or anger

What We Treat…


Jaw Joint Stiffness

Facial Muscle Pain

Clicking, Popping, Grating


Limited Mouth Opening

Degenerative Joint or Disc Disease

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Migraine Pain

Trauma Injuries including Contact

   Injuries & Whiplash

Neck Pain

Shoulder Pain


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