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PEM Therapy: Get Your Blood Moving Again

December 4, 2018

Written by: Prachi Dalal, PT, MSPT, Clinical Director

Each cell in the human body contains some electric and some magnetic energy. Electromagnetic therapy is therapy that uses magnets or electromagnets. It has been around for centuries, used widely in Asian Medicine. Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy on the other hand, is more than 60 years old and uses electromagnetic vibrations at specific frequencies.

PEM therapy reduces pain and improves recovery by increasing the microcirculation at cellular level. This microvessel track driving is important for proper functioning of the cell to get nutrition in exchange of waste products. This helps to improve cellular metabolism. Our microcirculatory system also distributes to hormones, immune cells, and other signaling molecules.

PEM therapy uses healthy electromagnetic frequencies to help fine tune mitochondria in our cells. This results in enhanced cell energy producing more ATP (energy unit) and more effective detoxification resulting in faster recovery time and more complete healing.

PEM Therapy has been known to produce miraculous results with both short and long term benefits which are physiological and neurological in nature. Some unique benefits of PEM Therapy, though unique to every individual are:

    • Improved Sleep
    • Increased Strength and Stamina
    • Enhanced Motor Coordination
    • Faster Trauma Recovery
    • Increased Flexibility
    • Elevated Mood
    • Reduced Pain Levels

A study in 2013, on patients with knee osteoarthritis, reported improved function in patients. A study in 2016 by Yadollahpour et al, on pain relieving effects of Electromagnetic fields, suggested that higher pain relieving effects are obtained from regular use of electromagnetic devices. PEM therapy provides therapeutic relief in post-operative pain as well as idiopathic pain, both acute and chronic. A recent study in 2017 by Maryam et al, reviewed use of PEM therapy after C-section for post-surgical pain. The study reported that the total analgesic use was 2.1 times lower in PEM group versus the control group after 7 days post-op. Not only this, the active PEM group had better wound healing, no exudate, erythema or edema 7 days after surgery. There is increasing evidence of PEM therapy use in diabetic neuropathy. Use of PEM therapy ranges from Alzheimer’s to wound care and is recently gaining popularity in its use for skin ailments, lymphedema, and neurological issues. It is a known adjunct to improved sports performance and endurance.

So, next time you are near Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida, be sure to try PEM therapy. A quick 8 minute session could be your new way of a healthy drug free life!

Benefits of Our Back Pain Solution

  • Immediate relief from back pains.
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