Frequently Asked Questions

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At Advanced Physical Therapy, we have made it easy for you to get started. To start, simply call the office to schedule an appointment. In the state of Florida, one no longer needs a physician’s referral. Insurance covers most physical therapy, but each plan is unique and some require prior approval. Therefore, we ask that when calling the office to schedule your first appointment, be sure to have ready your primary physician's name and your insurance information.
For your first visit you will need your insurance card, a photo ID, and any paperwork that your physician asked you to take with you to physical therapy. Remember wear comfortable, loose clothing so that the area of your body that needs evaluated may be easily accessed.
You should arrive about 15-20 minutes early to fill out some basic paperwork. On your first visit, your physical therapist will perform an examination to determine what deficits and/or problems you have that can be addressed in physical therapy. The examination involves a thorough injury history and tests and measures that allow the physical therapist to get a more specific understanding of your condition. Your physical therapist will make a clinical judgment as to your diagnosis and prognosis. A treatment program will be developed aimed at resolving the problems identified. You will receive treatment and pain prevention training on your first appointment. Your first appointment will last approximately 60 minutes.
? All physical therapy treatments are carefully tailored to the individual needs of each patient. The specific treatments to be performed will be determined by the treating physical therapist at the time of your initial evaluation and will be modified appropriately as your condition progresses. Treatment may include: Joint Mobilization: The application of movement to a joint for the purpose of increasing motion and flexibility. This technique is most often used to reduce pain. Soft Tissue Mobilization: The application of movement and force to the muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves and other soft tissue for the purpose of promoting healing and normalization. Often used to reduce pain and spasm as well as increase tissue mobility. Pressure Point Release: The application of point specific pressure to muscles that are actively in spasm or causing pain. Used to normalize muscle length and function as well as reduce pain. Therapeutic Exercise: The active process of strengthening and balancing the musculoskeletal system to increase stability around joints and promote normalized, functional movement. Physical Therapists are the leading experts in helping individuals get fit and strong safely. Therapeutic Activities: The integration of functional movement into the rehabilitation process in order to regain the ability to correct one’s posture, normalize one’s balance, and complete one’s typical daily skills without pain or symptoms. Modalities: The use of equipment such as ice packs, moist heat packs and infrared cold laser in adjunct with the techniques described above for the purpose of increasing healing and decreasing pain.
Contrary to popular belief, most of physical therapy feels good. Massage, heat and soft tissue work are all pain free. The reputation comes from physical therapist trying to push the body to its limits in order to get 100% recovery. Rest assured that the physical therapist will work well within your tolerance.
No. We feel that it is very important that each patient remains in the care of only one individual Physical Therapist and their Physical Therapy Assistant. This insures excellent continuity of care, as well as detailed knowledge of a patient's history and progress.
Each appointment is scheduled for at least half of an hour of one-on-one time with your physical therapist. However, your appointment may last longer than that if it is indicated for you to receive additional exercise or modalities such as ice or infrared cold laser at the end of your appointment.
Physical therapy is typically covered by your health insurance. We participate with most insurance plans and accept personal injury protection auto insurance and attorney letters of protection. The cost of each session varies from $5 to $55 depending on your insurance plan. If you are uninsured, or you have a concern about paying your co-pay at the time of service, we have affordable payment plans for as low as $20 per week. We accept check, cash, or credit card payments. You can afford it - GUARANTEED!
Recently, the trend of insurance companies is to limit the number of visits. However, this is individual according to your plan and there are usually avenues of appeal.
Yes, your privacy in conversation and in dress is most certainly maintained in two private rooms. Sports rehabilitation and functional training may be performed in the therapy area of our state-of-the-art fitness center.
At our facility a progress note will be written to your physician before your next visit or once every 4 weeks. If the physician has any concerns, there are direct channels to reach us.
Our individualized care and quality of staff is unmatchable. We are dedicated to resolving your problems in an environment that is welcoming and relaxed. Patients receive personalized care from a licensed physical therapist, not an assembly line atmosphere. We treat each and every patient on an individual basis. Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida is the partner you need to ensure a complete recovery.