Fall Prevention Solution

Why Do I Want To Complete The Fall Prevention Solution?

I want to take action to lower my risk of falls.

I want to take action to lower my risk of injury.

I want to take action to maintain my independence & freedom.

I want to live in my home as long as possible.

I don’t want my family & friends to worry about me.

I don’t want to be a fall statistic!


Fall Statistics

One of every three older Americans—about 12 million seniors—fall each year.

Women sustain about 80% of all hip fractures, most due to falls.

Men and women over 85 are 10 to 15 times more likely to sustain hip fractures than

   are people ages 60 to 65.

Individuals taking 4 or more drugs are at an increased fall risk!!!

A new study indicates that obese seniors are more likely to fall than their

   recommended weight counterparts.

Falls are the #1 most preventable cause of needing nursing home placement.



I Hate Falling!

A Mnemonic for Key Physical Findings

in Patients Who Fall or Have Near Falls


I     Inflammation of Joints (of joint deformity)


H   Hypotension (orthostatic blood pressure changes)

A   Auditory and visual abnormalities

T   Tremor (Parkinson's disease or other causes)

E   Equilibrium (balance) problem


F    Foot problems

A   Arrhythmia, heart block or valvular disease

L    Leg-length discrepancy

L    Lack of conditioning (generalized weakness)

I     Illness

N   Nutrition (poor; weight loss)

G   Gait disturbance



What Will I Be Like After I Complete My Fall Prevention Program?

I am doing daily exercise for strength and stamina.

I am wearing appropriate shoes.

I am using the best assistive device for my environment.

I am aware of the side effects of my medications and I frequently discuss my concerns

   with my medical doctor.

I have my vision checked annually or more often if needed.

I know that there are several causes of dizziness and I will consult with a healthcare

   provider (MD, PT, DC) for diagnosis & treatment.

I am aware of the effects of blood pressure on fall risk and will use lifestyle

   modifications to control symptoms.

I ASK for HELP in appropriate situations.

I am modifying my home to make it as safe as possible.

I am feeding my body good food and nutrients for optimal health and energy levels.

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