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3 Simple Steps to Stop Back Pain in Ocala, Florida

Blog Login - Friday, June 12, 2015

Back pain is bad news. It’s also the second most common reason people visit the doctor, aside from colds and the flu. Whether it involves your upper back, middle back, lower back or sciatic nerve, back pain can lead to loss of mobility, sleeplessness and all around misery. While it’s crucial to find the source of your pain so you can seek a solution that keeps you active and pain 
free, there are steps you can take to reduce pain right away. Here are 3 things you can do before heading to Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida for your long-­lasting back pain solution.
1. Take a short break. No matter how long your to­do list, rest is an important part of healing. Making time to rest may seem counterproductive, but it may actually save you some time in the long run. You’ll feel better and more energized after a break. In addition, if you lost sleep due to back pain in Ocala, you might want to catch some Zs when you can. If you’re more comfortable in your recliner, take a moment to shut your eyes there and enjoy some down time.  

2. Apply heat and/or ice to decrease inflammation. Ask the experts at Advanced Physical Therapy about the right application for your back pain in Ocala. 

3. Take a walk. Walking can be cathartic, and can help relieve back pain in a few ways. A trip to the park will allow you to absorb some sun, see the shades of lush foliage, and hear the happy choir of birds and kids. You’ll be distracted from your back pain and the gentle exercise will help oxygenate the soft tissues of the back to stimulate healing.   

Back Pain in Ocala Causes More Problems ...Quickly 
Back pain can lead to long-­term suffering and disability if you don’t address it quickly. Pain that starts in your back can quickly travel to your hip or knees. The longer you wait, the more serious your back pain problem may become.  
If back pain is interfering with your life, don’t let it! With four locations to find treatment, the experts at Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida are close to home and ready to give you a fast and effective back pain solution. 

Call us now at 352-­693-­3378, and let us show you how our advanced techniques promote fast recovery even when other therapies have failed.

Pain Management in The Villages Florida

Blog Login - Sunday, May 31, 2015

A search for pain management in the Villages, Florida can lead you in a ton of different directions. But if you’re looking for a drug-­free solution that’s fast and effective, you’ll only need to know one name: Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida​. If chronic pain disrupts your day or keeps you awake at night, it’s time to take back your life. If you thought that physical therapy offered little more than a gym­-like experience, you’ve probably had a poor session with another provider. Here’s what you’ll get when you turn to the experts at Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida for pain management in the Villages, Ocala, and Belleview, Florida. 

Drug-­Free Pain Management 

If you’re like so many people who’ve been injured, the urge to stop chronic pain from its assaulting effects leaves you reaching for a quick-­fix from the medicine cabinet. An over-­the-­counter drug or prescription medication might help initially, but there are better options for pain management. Drugs might help in the short­-term, but they’re not the best solution to a problem that’s recurring. A better approach to managing pain is to find the root of your problem, and address pain right from its source. That’s how the experts at Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida work to solve individual problems for patients from all walks of life. With hosts of techniques in their tool bag, they’re able to provide personalized care to manage pain.

Pain Management Massage 

Stress relief and pain management can be achieved with massage, in some cases. The healing hands of an experienced massage therapist can take you from stiff and sore to relaxed and rejuvenated after just one session. Massaging works to reduce pain by easing sore muscles and tissues, and providing a medication-­free fix. The Annals of International Medicine reports that massages can be beneficial for back pain, with benefits lasting for six months or more on some individuals. If you’ve tried massage in the past and haven’t found it useful, it may be time to revisit this pain management option and give it another shot. If you’re like most people, you carry stress in your back, neck, and shoulders. It may be time to give these areas of your body some TLC! 

Pain Management in The Villages, FL Starts and Ends at Advanced Physical Therapy! Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida works to see our patients become pain free with solutions that work fast and effectively! Our pain management specialists don’t just sit you in a crowded gym and leave you to work solo. They offer one-on-­one guidance and introduce new techniques every session. Patients leave with the knowledge to perform tailored exercises to find relief. If you're ready for pain management in the Villages, Florida, we have lasting solutions for your condition. Contact Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida today for your pain management consultation. 352-­693-­3378!

5 Stretches To Relieve Back Pain Now

Blog Login - Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Stretching of the joints, muscles, and nerves are very important to ensure that there are not imbalances throughout the musculoskeletal system. Decreased flexibility anywhere in the musculoskeletal system may lead to lower back pain. Not all of the following stretches may be appropriate for everyone. A stretch should not induce painful symptoms. A stretch should help with low back pain relief. Below are explanation of stretches (source: which are right on point with what you need. I hope this can help give you some relief for your low back Pain, but if not you can always consult the experts at Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida.

Generally these are good for individuals who may have a disc herniation. They should be performed with caution for anyone who has spinal stenosis or any known fractures in their vertebrae.

Prone Press Up: Begin by lying on your stomach with your elbows bent underneath you and palms flat on the surface. Keeping your hips and pelvis in contact with the surface, lift your upper torso off the mat with your arms, keeping your back muscles relaxed. Only go as high as you are comfortable. Perform 10 repetitions holding each one for 10 seconds each, working your way to 30 seconds.

Lumbar extension stretch

Lumbar extension stretch

Generally, the flexion (bending forward) based stretches are good for those with spinal stenosis or tightness through the lower lumbar musculature.

Single Knee to Chest: Begin by lying on your back with both knees bent. Bring one knee up towards your chest. Perform 2-3 repetitions, holding each for 15-30 seconds. You may feel a stretch along the lower back or buttocks area. You may also perform this with both legs up towards your chest if it is comfortable.

Single Knee Stretch

Double Knee Stretch

Prayer Stretch or Child’s Pose: This stretch is for the lower back muscles along the spine and is a very common yoga pose. On your hands and knees, sit back so your buttocks are resting on your heels. Reach your hands forward to lengthen your spine and feel a stretch in your middle back. You can reach your hands to either side to focus the stretch on the opposite side of your spine if you like. Hold for 10-30 seconds and perform 2-3 repetitions.

Child's Pose
Angry Cat Stretch:  This stretch can incorporate both an extension and a flexion component. You may perform either way or just one way if that is more comfortable for you. On your hands and knees, let your belly sag towards the table to increase extension through your spine (lumbar extension picture). To increase flexion through your spine, arch your back upwards, bringing your spine away from the table (lumbar flexion picture). You may hold each position for 5-20 seconds and repeat several times.

Angry Cat Starting Position

Lumbar Extension

Lumbar Flexion

Just as you can stretch a muscle, you can stretch a nerve. Nerve stretches are very important to perform if you have any radiating pain from your lower back into your buttocks or legs. Nerve stretches are also very important to perform after lumbar surgery to ensure that there is not any scar tissue adhering the nerve to any internal structures.

Sciatic Nerve Stretch: This stretch should be performed if the majority of the radiating pain into the legs is felt in the buttocks, back of the leg, and/or through the calf and foot. This follows the pathway of the sciatic nerve. By stretching the nerve, it can help to desensitize it so that it will not cause as much pain. Perform this stretch by lying on your back with your hand behind one knee, preferable the leg with the sciatic pain.  Straighten your knee then alternate flexing your ankle back and forth.  Only hold your ankle in each position for a few seconds.  Perform 10 repetitions on each side.

Sciatic Nerve Stretch

Sciatic Nerve Stretch position 2

As with beginning any new exercise, start off slowly with a very gentle stretch. Stop if you have any increase in lower back pain or sciatic pain down your leg. If unsure whether you should perform these stretches or if you'd like more help for back pain or any physical ailment, call Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida now at 352-693-3378. With four locations to serve you, we're easy to find and ready to help!  

Knee Pain in Belleview, Florida

Blog Login - Friday, May 08, 2015

Knee pain can affect the avid runner, children on the playground, people with all types of arthritis, and anyone of any age. From acute injuries to medical conditions, knee pain is a common condition that can strike at any time.

Your knees are the largest joint in your body. They act as a hinge, connecting your lower leg and providing 150 degrees of movement. A bum knee is bad news because it limits your mobility and can cause great pain in the process. You don’t have to live with knee pain, however. Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida has solutions for every sufferer!

Types of Knee Pain and Their Sources

Whether your knee pain is localized or felt throughout the knee, the type of pain you experience can be a telltale sign of its cause. In many cases, our body movements don’t lead to problems, but overuse and injury can cause symptoms. To further complicate our issues, we may have trouble walking and begin limping. It doesn’t take long for limping patterns to cause back and hip pain, and a whole domino effect of discomfort and misery. The lesson here: don’t let your body get out of whack! Seek diagnosis and treatment when knee pain develops and you’ll have a better outcome with faster results. Since knee pain sufferers are also at a higher risk for falls, it’s best to find your solution before you take a spill.

People who are more prone to knee problems include:

  • Those who carry excess weight, which places additional stress on your joints. If you’ve struggled to shed weight, talk to our experts about a personalized fitness and weight loss solution.  We’ll provide a comprehensive fitness evaluation, nutritional coaching and an exercise program that suits your needs. We’ll get you to your goal weight while improving your mobility and longevity. Life is better when you’re healthier and more confident!  

  • People who have biochemical problems, such as misaligned knees or flat feet.

  • Those who’ve been previously injured,which increases the likelihood of becoming injured again.

Simple Solutions for Knee Pain in Belleview Florida and Beyond  

With four locations for treatment, Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida makes finding your knee pain solutions as simple as possible. Our experts dig deep to get to the source of your pain, a crucial step in treating the problem permanently and effectively. So whether you’ve suffered long or just begun to experience knee pain, we can help!

If knee pain is slowing you down, don’t let it! Call us today for your initial evaluation 352-693-3378!

Carpal Tunnel in the Villages, Florida

Blog Login - Monday, April 27, 2015

Carpal tunnel syndrome causes numbness, tingling, and pain in the hand and wrist – a nuisance to any Villages, Florida resident who enjoys 18 holes on the course. Although a good golf game is not the only thing carpal tunnel can interfere with. Those who suffer with the pinched nerve problem in the wrist often have difficulty using their affected hands for hosts of tasks and things they’d normally do with ease. Everyday chores are suddenly complex and even impossible when weakness and other carpal tunnel symptoms arise.

The Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

Carpal tunnel syndrome doesn’t always cause lasting pain. It typically starts gradually, causing numbness or tingling in your thumb, index and middle fingers, which appears sporadically. Pain in your hand and wrist may leave you struggling to clench a steering wheel while driving, open packages, or pick up a newspaper. Since many people sleep with a flexed wrists, carpal tunnel pain can hinder sleep, which of course leads to a bevy of other problems. The resulting weakness in the wrist make manual tasks more difficult, and may cause you to drop things more frequently. Pain often radiates up the arm, and chronic cases can cause deterioration of your thumb muscles. What’s more, carpal tunnel can increase your risk of burns as the numbness in your hands and wrists prevents you from feeling heat. It’s clear that carpal tunnel is an unpleasant condition at best, but there’s hope for those who seek treatment at Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida.

What are My Risks of Developing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Trauma or injury to the wrist, rheumatoid arthritis, fluid retention, and careers where repetitive tasks such as keyboard work or assembly, may put you at a higher risk for developing carpal tunnel. Overuse can compress the nerve in the wrist, but anatomy and underlying health problems may also play a role in the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, women are 3 times more likely than men to develop carpal tunnel syndrome – most likely because of the smaller structure of their wrists. Diabetes and other metabolic disorders affecting the nerves also increase your risk of acquiring carpal tunnel syndrome, and the condition is most common among adults.

Carpal Tunnel Treatment in The Villages

If you’re experiencing the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome, don’t delay treatment. Taking action early is imperative to preventing permanent damage to your median nerve.

 Carpal Tunnel doesn’t have to be an unwanted companion in your life. Call Advanced Physical Therapy now at 352-693-3378, and we’ll show you how our progressive therapies are combating carpal tunnel in the Villages and surrounding areas.  


The Perfect Mother's Day Gift from Advanced Physical Therapy

Blog Login - Monday, April 20, 2015

 With Mother's Day coming soon, we at Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida decided to dedicate this post to hard working women everywhere. For all their efforts, they deserve a break... and a massage at the hands of our experts. Below you'll read about the 5 Things a Mom Shouldn't Do On Mother's Day. We don't have to tell you what a mom should do...but we will: she should get a massage at Advanced Physical Therapy!  

5 Things a Mom Shouldn’t Do On Mother’s Day 

1. Wake up by way of the alarm clock. Instead, let the sounds of birds singing outside your window transition you from your dreams to your day. After all, it is YOUR day! 

2. Cook a meal -- any meal at all. Let someone else prepare your favorite foods, even if that means dining out to avoid kitchen disasters. 

3. Do household chores. Stop, woman! Step away from the broom and other cleaning implements. Let the dust settle today as you kick up your feet and relax. 

4. Make tough decisions. Let someone else do the mental heavy lifting. Channel your inner Yoda. 

5. Solicit kisses and hugs. Forget about asking for a squeeze or a peck. Let your loved ones know you expect a flood of them. 

On May 10th we salute the women who’ve  bounced babies on their knees, picked gum out hair, and made boo boos better with a bandage and a kiss. Let’s not forget those who are not our mothers but have had a maternal impact on us nonetheless. Often, these ladies are too humble to admit to their aches and pains, or to stop and rest. The result: neck pain, back pain, and lingering soreness. 

Mother’s Day Massages -- The Perfect Gift! 

Although massages are an excellent tool for pain management, helping release tension in the muscles and tissues, they’re also great for pampering. Who doesn’t enjoy a soothing rub down in a relaxed atmosphere? If you’re searching for something special to give a good lady on May 10th, you can’t go wrong with a massage package from Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida. 

Call us today at 352- 693-3378 to inquire about our Mother’s Day Massage Specials! 


Pain Management in Ocala, FL

Blog Login - Thursday, April 16, 2015

If chronic pain keeps you restless at night and miserable all day, it’s time to explore your pain management options in Ocala, Florida. For most people, the urge to stop chronic pain from its assaulting effects leaves them reaching for a quick-fix from the medicine cabinet, such as an over-the-counter drug or prescription medication. While these drugs might help in the short-term, they’re not the best solution to a problem that’s recurring. A better approach to managing pain is to get to the root of the problem, and address the pain at its source. Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida has hosts of  techniques in their tool bag, and experts to help you find what works for you and your individual problem. Just as there are no identical patients, no identical problems exist either. It’s that belief that allows us to provide the personalized care you need to manage pain.

Why Drugs Don’t Solve the Problem

Medications might be a suitable fix for occasional aches or pains, but they only offer temporary relief. Chronic pain management requires a more strategic approach. The following are some examples of possible pain management solutions you might want to try.

Pain Management Massage

The healing hands of an experienced massage therapist can take you from stiff and achey to relaxed and rejuvenated after just one session. Massaging affected areas of the body eases sore muscles and tissues, and provides a medication-free fix for pain. The Annals of International Medicine reports that massages can be beneficial for back pain, with benefits lasting for six months or more on some individuals. If you’ve tried massage in the past without results, it may be time to revisit this pain management solution, and give it another go for the sake of your sore back, neck, shoulder or other part of the body.

How PT can Leave you Pain Free

Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida works to address the underlying cause of your problem, teaching you ways to move, stretch and strengthen affected areas of your body. Our pain management specialists don’t just sit you in a crowded gym and leave you to work solo on some equipment. They offer one-on-one guidance and introduce new techniques every session. Patients leave with the knowledge to perform tailored exercises to find relief safely and effectively.

If you're ready to drop short-term fixes for pain and find lasting solutions for your condition, contact Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida today for your free pain management consultation. 352-693-3378!

Migraine Headaches in The Villages, Florida

Blog Login - Monday, March 30, 2015

Nearly 30 million Americans suffer with Migraine headaches. Intense throbbing pain is just one of the symptoms that accompany the condition, hosts of others make these types of headache the worst kind to have. With more than 150 diagnostic headache categories established, how can you know which type of headache you’re having, and what your best options for treatment entail?

Most people would say they’ve experienced the occasional headache, whether stress, lack of a good night’s sleep, or even hunger were the cause. In those cases, an over-the-counter medication and a glass of water would be sufficient for relief. This type of headache is called a tension headache, and is the most common kind among adults and adolescents. When muscles contract, a tension headache results, causing mild to moderate pain that may come and go. Although they may be a nuisance, tension headaches are not debilitating -- unlike migraine headaches.

Migraine Headaches and Their Symptoms

Migraine headaches often strike a specific area of the head and are accompanied by nausea and vomiting. They may cause extreme sensitivity to light and sound, which is why you’ll often find a migraine sufferer retreating to a dark room to rest. Over-the-counter medications you might use to treat an ordinary headache may take the edge off migraine pain, but likely won’t come close to fully relieving it. Since a full-blown migraine can leave you in agony for days, it’s best to explore the available treatments with a medical professional. Misery does not have to be a ritual!

The exact cause of migraines remains a mystery, although some experts believe that various triggers cause abnormal brain activity which affects your brain’s blood vessels, and in turn leads to migraine headaches. Some people find that identifying and avoiding their triggers helps keep migraines at bay. If you’re unsure of your triggers, keep a headache diary where you record your activity, eating habits, and the details leading up to your headache. You might see a pattern develop, or find a common denominator, such as a specific food, artifical sweetener or caffeine.

In the days preceding a migraine, some people note subtle changes that become red flags for an attack. Those include:

  1. 1. Depression or changes in mood, such as irritability
  2. 2. Intense cravings for specific foods
  3. 3. Constipation
  4. 4. Restlessness
  5. 5. Stiffness in the neck
  6. 6. Frequent yawning

In addition, some migraine sufferers report changes in vision, such as seeing flickering lights or spots. The phenomenon is called an aura, typically lasting between five minutes and an hour and arising approximately an hour before migraine pain strikes.

Migraine Treatment in The Villages, Florida

Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida offers a migraine pain solution that is covered by most health insurance plans. The cost of each session varies from $5 to $55, depending on your plan. If you are uninsured, we have affordable payment plans for as low as $20 per week.

How Fast Can I Find Relief?

With proper education from your therapist, you will be avoiding activities and positions that trigger your migraines after your first appointment. You may notice a significant decrease in migraine pain in as little as 1-3 treatment sessions. More chronic and severe migraine headaches may take 6-12 visits for total pain relief and the ability to control migraines on your own.

If migraine headaches have sentenced you to a dark room, it’s time to call Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida now at 352-693-3378!

Solutions for Hip Pain in Ocala

Blog Login - Monday, March 16, 2015

If you’re suffering with hip pain in Ocala, Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida has a range of solutions to help you walk better, go from sitting to standing with ease, and do whatever you enjoy without distraction. Pain in the hip is a common complaint with a variety of causes, including arthritis, bone fractures, bursitis, and muscle strains or spasms.

Where Does it Hurt?

Sometimes pain that stems from the hip doesn’t strike the hip directly. You might feel pain in your groin, upper thigh, outer buttock, or even the knee. In addition, pain that arises in your hip might be related to other areas of the body, such as your back. The location of your hip pain is crucial information that can help your therapist determine your underlying problem and find an advanced solution to get you mobile and free from pain. While the hip pain puzzle may seem complex, the experts at Advanced Physical therapy are well equipped to solve it for you fast!

Self-Care Steps to Relieve Hip Pain at Home

  • Although you should always consult your therapist when hip pain persists, there are some things you can do at home to reduce your discomfort.  
  • 1. Use over-the-counter medicines, such as ibuprofen.
  • 2. Prop a pillow between your legs and sleep on your unaffected side.
  • 3. Avoid standing for long periods or doing activities that increase your pain.
  • 4. Do gentle stretches before and after exercise, and choose activities that are easy on the joints, such as swimming rather than jogging.
  • 5. Use orthotics or assistive devices as needed, and always wear shoes that support your feet and provide appropriate cushioning.

How Can Advanced Physical Therapy Help You With Your Hip Pain?

If you tried other physical therapy programs in the past without success, you may be wondering how Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida can help you with your hip pain. Using progressive methods, we’ll give you hands-on treatment and an individualized exercise program with recommendations for at-home practice. We’ll teach you how to avoid future hip pain and problems, and increase flexibility and movement.

If you’re eager to be rid of nagging hip pain that keeps you from sleeping well and moving without effort, call the experts at Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida now at (352) 693-3378!

While you’ve got us on the line, don’t forget to inquire about our revolutionary Cold Laser Technology, which may significantly decrease your hip pain in as little as 3-5 treatment sessions. More chronic and severe conditions may take 6-12 visits for total hip pain relief, normal flexibility and full strength.

Neck Pain in Ocala

Blog Login - Monday, March 09, 2015

Whether it’s a dull ache or a sharp jolting sensation, neck pain can disrupt your life by limiting your mobility, keeping you from restful sleep, and making you just plain miserable. Discomfort in the neck may involve your bones, muscles, nerves, or the discs between the bones. It can limit your ability to drive, work, or pursue your favorite pastimes. Those suffering with neck pain in Ocala and surrounding areas can find solutions quickly by consulting the experts at Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida.   

Neck pain is so pervasive, it’s become a cliché. A pesky person or sticky situation is a “pain in the neck.” Those who’ve endured the physical symptoms of neck pain know well what a problem it can be. A number of activities can leave you with a stiff or sore neck, resulting from muscle tension or strain. Poor posture, sleeping in the wrong position, or a minor injury incurred while exercising or doing chores are some of the common causes of neck pain. When the pain involves your nerves, you might feel numbness, weakness or tingling in one arm or hand. A ruptured disc or underlying condition such as fibromyalgia, cervical arthritis, or osteoporosis, may also lead to neck pain. In any case, it’s best to have a medical professional evaluate you when neck pain persists.

Treating Neck Pain in Ocala

If your neck pain seems minor enough for home treatment, you might want to try the following for some relief.

  • 1. Applying heat or ice to the site of pain. Begin by icing the area for 5 minutes or up to 15. Wrap a sealed bag of ice in a cotton washcloth or use a store bought ice product, such as a reusable gel pack. Apply heat if your pain continues after 72 hours.
  • 2. Using over-the-counter medications, such as ibuprofen.
  • 3. Rest and refrain from exercises or heavy-duty household tasks that might make things worse.
  • 4. Use a headset, Bluetooth or the speaker function on your phone to prevent straining your neck.
  • 5. Pay attention to your posture. If you spend a great deal of time at a desk or computer, adjust your chair and monitor to prevent strain, or research ways to make your workspace more ergonomically correct. The Mayo Clinic suggests placing the monitor directly in front of you, about an arm's length away. The top of your screen should be slightly below eye level. Don’t forget to sit up straight and keep your mouse in easy reach.
  • Despite your best efforts, if neck pain persists, it may be time to visit Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida for an evaluation and solution.

How Much Does It Cost?

Our neck pain solution is typically covered by your health insurance. The cost of each session varies from $5 to $55 depending on your insurance plan. If you are uninsured, we have affordable payment plans for as low as $20 per week.

How Fast Will I Find Relief?

Using our progressive treatment methods, we’ll help decrease your neck pain significantly in as little as 1-3 sessions. More chronic and severe conditions may take 6-12 visits for total neck pain relief and normal flexibility.

Call Advanced Physical Therapy of Central Florida now at 352- 693-3378, and see why neck pain in Ocala is a thing of the past for our patients.  

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