Ankle Pain with Running

November 5, 2018
ankle pain
Written By Cara Hammond, PT, DPT, CEO Most long distance runners will experience symptoms of overuse, or ankle tendinitis during their running career. These symptoms often feel like a pinch inside the ankle or a pocket of swelling around the Achilles tendon at the back of the ankle. Many runner’s experience worse pain shortly after a run. There are several things you can do to avoid these symptoms and pains. Decreasing mileage on your running shoes is one way to decrease symptoms and pain. Warming up, cooling down, stretching and getting massages are also helpful in reducing symptoms of overuse. But is that enough? Probably not if you want to have a long-term relationship with running. Getting to the root cause of the mechanism of the injury is very important. It is appropriate to have a trained Physical Therapist assess your running mechanics, ankle and foot joint mobility, leg and core strength, running shoes and running routine. Your Physical Therapist will be able to identify the cause of your injury and prescribe a rehabilitation protocol for quick recovery. One of the key factors for runners to stay injury-free is to add some strength training to your exercise regimen. Hitting the gym for heavy lifting several times a week is NOT necessary though. There are many body-weight strength training exercises that can be done at home to improve muscle balance and running mechanics. This will not only decrease your risk of injury but also improve your running speed and endurance. Ankle pain is not the only the thing that keeps runner’s from racking up mileage. Some of the most common injuries that runner’s experience include: Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, stress fractures, iliotibial band syndrome, runner’s knee, muscle strains and hamstring pain. One injury can quickly lead to another when not properly diagnosed and treated. Most running injuries will not heal themselves. Seek help from a professional and get back on the path to pain free running.

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We value your privacy and will not share your information with any other party.

P. Pfeiffer, The Villages FL

Advanced Physical Therapy at The Villages Creekside is “THE ABSOLUTE BEST”. I highly recommend them for your rehab. Yvette, Drew, August, Joe and the staff go above and beyond the required to heal the patient. Jen at the front desk is calming and helpful. I have progressed an unbelievable distance in 8 weeks of shoulder therapy. These people make therapy and rehab fun if there is such a thing. They work you very hard but nothing you cannot handle. They are also respectful not to do too much to hurt you in the process. Two of my children are MD’s. My surgeon performs surgery on professional baseball players. They would all approve of APT. Rating would be a 10 but they only go to 5.

S.Nave, The Villages FL

The staff at the Brownwood location is phenomenal, incredible, and extraordinary. There is no doubt in my mind that they honestly care about me; that I am more than a patient or a case number to them. They take the time to listen to what Im going through and tailor each activity to meet my needs by addressing limitations, discomfort, and desired results. They are also very knowledgable in their professional subject matter and that is applicable to each staff member I have worked with. I would encourage anyone who may need PT to visit them. They are a very special group of people and while it is a bummer to need PT, I feel both safe and confident that I have them to turn to – I just wish I would have done it sooner. To Ms. Melfi, Jessica, and the other fellow who have been taking care of me, my sincerest thank you for theheartfelt professionalism and dedication.